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Virginianīs Story - Sunset Group Timeshare

I just returned from Playa del Carmen and purchased what I believe is, in relative terms, a very expensive timeshare arrangement with the Sunset Group and Fisherman's Village in Playacar. Unfortunately, I didn't have my computer with me and didn't do any research before taking the plunge (and this is my first experience with timeshares, having not even so much as heard other pitches or read anything about the pro's and con's of how they work). Since returning home, I've done some surfing and all signs point to danger!

The deal I purchased is 2 Bedroom for 2 weeks a year, plus 8 "VIP weeks." A major assumption on our part in deciding to go ahead with the deal was that we'd be able to use our 2 "registered" weeks and rent the other 8 "VIP" weeks, which would over time cover the extensive up front investment. I've since read that the rental of the units is not a given, but I'm confused as to why this is the case.

While I realize that the sales pitch presented it with hard numbers ($1,700 per week), the contract doesn't guarantee any rental income in any amount. Still, I can't understand why there wouldn't be a market for the rental for the unit at SOME PRICE. After all, it is a nice ocean front resort in a lovely town.

Everything I'm reading about the Sunset Group is negative and the whole thing is made out to be a complete fraud. I'm just wondering: (1) Can anyone shed light on the rental issue; (2) Is there ANYONE out there with positive things to say about Sunset Group or Fisherman's; and (3) Any advice on making the most out of what appears to be a disastrous situation. Depending on how the 5-day cancellation clause is interpreted, Day 5 was either Friday or is tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get out of it, but I've read that that too is a losing proposition. If anyone has any guidance on that, I would also most appreciate it.


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