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Jasonīs Story - Los Tules Timeshare

I bought in Mexico at Los Tules Resort in December 2005. I did some quick research on my purchase, and soon found out that I may have made a mistake. I tried to cancel while still in Mexico, within five days of purchase, and was told I couldn't. I never knew at that time they couldn't by law refuse my cancellation. I have been fighting with them ever since to cancel my contract.


Even if they were a valid company with good value, I would still want a cancellation based on how they lied to me in Mexico. Now I am getting the usual run around from them.


They phone to offer "better deals", and to do anything to "help" me. There is only one thing I want them to help me with, and that is canceling my contract, and refunding my money. My last conversation with a Royal Holiday "Quality control" rep was a joke. He provided me his email for me to respond. Only problem is that it doesn't work. I received another call from another person, and tried him back during his stated hours, only to find he was gone for the day. I have no more desire to speak with anyone from Royal, as it just proves pointless.


Jason Kradovill


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