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Margaret´s Story - Grand Mayan Regency Resort Timeshare

I have been scammed by the Grand Mayan Regency Resorts’ coercive, intimidating and deceptive sales practices. 
Like many when I didn’t rise to the sale during the prolonged sales presentation, I received an offer by another sales person offering me the timeshare another couple in the same large room was supposedly upgrading from. After waiting until the other couple had finished their transaction and moved to the closer, their share was explained to me in greater detail and I was asked to sign a form rescinding the right to a 3 (?) day cancellation and refund period. I was told this was necessary since I was buying a unit that had been owned already. Hm-m-m, can you say bait and switch?

I have since learned the actual cancellation required by Mexican law is 5 working days and, also by law, it can NOT be rescinded. I was also told by Grand Mayan I could not in any case receive a refund of my initial deposit, $5915.00 US. This is a lie. According to Profeco, the cancellation period is not only for canceling the contract but also for a full refund of any monies exchanged. I believe I was asked to sign a three day paper because that was enough time for them to get my deposit monies from my credit card company before I could place a stop payment. Since I contacted my credit card company after 3 days I have had to file a dispute complaint with my company.

I am fortunate that my contract date is January 20, 2006 and that my first contact for cancellation was January 24, 2006. I received two confirmations of receipt, one from the accounting office, and a second from the sales office. In that initial email I asked for documentation of my contract’s cancellation and refund. I received a phone call on my answering machine within a week telling me to call my sales closer, Fernanda, back, in order to complete the process. I had specifically told them in my email to not contact me other than to send complete documentation of the cancellation and the refund. I included my email address for correspondence, if necessary.

A few days later I received another phone message from Fernanda telling me my contract had been cancelled, that I could reach her with any questions by phone. She also said monies deposited at the time of my contract will be forfeit and that my contract would not be assigned to “our” collection agency. Also, “Have a nice day”. Frankly, the tone of voice used in this second phone message was threatening. The “our” of collection agency seemed intended to remind me of the implied threat spoken after I had signed the paper rescinding my cancellation period; that contracts are turned over to collection agencies and credit bureaus if cancelled. I responded with a second email to make myself clearer on February 2, 2006 to which I also received confirmation of receipt. It contained the following:

1. I do not want any telephone contact with you. Email me if you must.
2. I want paper documentation of the cancellation of my contract mailed to my home address below.
3. In the cancellation I also want documented that the contract will not be sent to any collection agency, nor will any comments be sent to any credit reporting agency.
4. I want a full refund of my $5,195.00 US to my credit card. I also want paper documentation of the transaction refunding my money. 
5. Finally, I want to be assured that you will take my concerns about identity theft seriously and destroy all documentation of my personal information. 

Thank you for a written and timely reply. I hope to hear from you before next Friday, February 10, 2006

It is now February 17, 2006. I haven’t heard anything further. 

It appears that I, like many before me, will have to do the Mexican timeshare fraud “dance” of filing formal complaints. In addition to filing the dispute charge with my credit card company I will file complaints with Profeco, www.econsumer.gov , the Oregon State Attorneys General (my state), the Texas State Attorneys General (the company’s state), US Department of Justice and send letters to Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith of Oregon.

What an incredible waste of human potential and time!

Maybe my story will act as a warning to others that there are American companies out there (currently in Los Cabos) that will hide behind their Mexican subsidiaries while using coercive, intimidating and deceptive sales practices, practices not allowed in the U.S., so they can steal your money. 
Naďve? I guess I used to be. Not anymore.


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