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The Ehman´s Story - Mayan Palace Timeshare

Jody Roberts and Brian Ehman of the Mayan Palace at Puerto Vallarta told us at the sales presentation on January 19, 2003 that they have their timeshare weeks successfully rented by Laurie Stevens at the Global Resort Services.

We called Laurie Stevens while we were still in Mexico. She signed us up with her agency by telephone with our credit card for a one time fee of $289.00 on January 27, 2003. Before signing up, we called Laurie numerous times since we started to have our doubts about our purchase, but she kept assuring us that renting the timeshare weeks would be no problem, especially since we had the "golf package" included. She also told us that we could call her any time. Once you have bought from her, she will never return a phone call again! Let this be a warning to you!

Months went by but our four bonus weeks were not rented. We tried to call Laurie but did not get a hold of her. Over a good month ago, we called Global Resort Services again and the customer service clerk told us that Laurie had moved to Mexico. She also told us that it was difficult right now to rent the timeshare weeks. She further told us that we should have read the agreement (sentence #3) which clearly states that they do not guarantee renting the timeshare units.

We got the contract later in the mail when we came back from Mexico so how could we have read this agreement and signed it? We signed it after the fact! This is when we called again the Mayan Palace customer service and talked to Kathy.

Let this be a lesson to you. If the sales staff of Global Resort Services tells you that they can rent your timeshare week with no problem, like Laurie told us, make the company guarantee it in writing and make SURE you have it changed in your contract (sentence #3) and have a copy of it too! If Global Resort Services or any of these advertising or rental agencies are not willing to do this, don't believe them because the Mayan Palace is flooding the market with two weeks for one packages while telling their buyers that they can rent the weeks. Your week is very difficult to rent. Check the search engines to see how many Mayan Palace condos are offered for rent!

Be Aware and learn from our mistakes!

Make sure you have everything spelled out in writing!!!!!

Don' t take anyone's word for granted as honest and nice as they seem to be when they are making the sale. After you have signed the dot, the UNSCRUPULOUS SALES PERSON doesn't care about you. Jody Stevens, Brian Ehman and Laurie Stevens, in our case, are three examples!!!!!

Shame on them as they are Fellow Americans. The United States has no jurisdiction over their unscrupulous sales tactics. Only the Mayan Palace and Global Resort Services do.

I have to add, of course, that there are many honest, conscious, hard working sales people too who do not use these fraudulent and unfair sales practices! It's up to the Management to make sure this doesn't happen.


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