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Jackie's Story - Bahamas Timeshare

I would like to give you a brief introduction of my husband's and I encounter with your company since we gave you our hard earned money 8 yrs ago.

My husband and I went to the Bahamas for my 30th birthday. He bought the Royal holiday package for me as one of my gifts. We were promised a lot to get our sale.

We were told that Royal holiday owned carnival cruise line and cruises were free.. when I went to book a cruise a yr later I was told it is 500.00 a person more.

We were promised Limousine service to and from the hotels when we arrived at our destinations. Well do I need to tell you how many rides we have received. ZERO.

We were shown tower J in the Nassau hotel while on the tour. The great view of the water and when we returned to that hotel a few yrs later. We were given a view of another building in NOT J tower and told that Royal holiday never has been given any rooms in that tower.

We were told about food vouchers, which we have never received. I wrote a 3 page letter when in the Bahamas about 4 yrs ago and went into the Royal Holiday management office and explained all the lies and things we were promised. I was told they would correct it right away.

NEVER. I was brushed off and avoided the remainder of my trip.

When we arrived at the hotel to check in they gave us a room that had a couple in there in BED at that moment. OH my goodness. Embarrassing for all.

Not done: This letter will be useful to me in the future I am sure. Also we went to Mexico. In 1997. We got a horrible room. It had bugs in the room. When we went to the Royal Holiday welcome party we were again approached about buying more points. The room we were shown as a Royal Holiday room was 200% better as the one we were in and we were paid Customers already.
I was like how can you show me what I will get if I give
you 10,000 MORE dollars as a member when I am a member and our room is old, hot, loud air and horrible.

Next we got married in 1998. We stayed at your place in Miami. Oh my God. That first room was not fit for a real human. It was awful. It was our honeymoon and our bedroom had twin beds. I swear to God. We were so tired that night we went to bed and the next morning I went down and asked to be moved. The second room had a great view of the road. We just made the best of it.

Not to mention I have called about 50 times over the past 5 yrs to ask for a new members guide, up to date, so that I can plan a trip. NEVER HAVE GOTTEN IT.

I call to book Mexico and he wants me to buy more points when we have not even used you guys in 3 yrs. We should have 60,000 pts. He first tells me I have 20,000. I said we have not gone anywhere in 3 yrs. oh.. wait. I will give you 40,000 but we don't have the units the internet says so you have to buy more pts. to accommodate you and your friends.

Then I find out that even though your internet says Cancun has kitchen.. OH no kitchens for 3 yrs. he says. all inclusive now. you got to pay 38.00 a day each for food.
In 3 yrs. you cant update your web page.

I have more but my hand is so tired.

Something has to be made right here... you have mislead, misrepresented, out right lied to us.
I am willing to seek legal action if we are not treated like human beings here. WE are supposed to continue to give you 400.00 a yr for 23 more yrs and deal with this...

Feel free to call me but I will not just call a customer service rep and book a trip like nothing is wrong with your company.

Some one will listen to me..



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