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Js Story - Puerto Vallarta Timeshare

We were lured in at Royal Los Tules in Puerto Vallarta for a reduced cost on breakfast (v.s where we were staying) and discounted golf package.  Dumbest thing we have ever done! 

We have had 3-4 phone conversations with new member services, certified letters to corporate offices and Travel Experience at Royal Los Tules.  Unresponsive to all.  We will pursue with Citicard.  Also, feel news shows such as Dateline should investigate this scam as so many Americans are being affected. Looks like we are one of many to recently be scammed by Royal-Holiday Vacation Club. 

We acted on good faith, but were victims of misinformation and deceit.  Any recourse?  We have written registered letter, called, e-mailed, etc to no avail.

 We took immediate action as soon as we returned to the States and could not verify the promises made.  I have documented the misrepresentations.

Primary misinformation:

1.  Acts like an annuity-full refund plus interest after 15 years.  In fact, 30 years unless member accelerates and pays another maintenance fee over 15 year period.

2.  Sold as a rental investment with tax benefits.  Information given did not check out with rental company they recommended.

3.  Did not reveal extra fees involved in bonus points they supposedly were giving us until after the contract was signed.

4.  Would not honor the 5 day rescission clause due to the fact we did not have a promissory note. 5.  Offered an inflated buyout on our current Fiesta Americana plan.  We are happy with Fiesta Americana and said we are not interested.

6.  Sold 15,000 points as a 2 week package in any size unit required.  In fact, 15,000 points is good for a 1 week package in a studio.

7.  Told us we could stay at the Marriott or Sheraton in Puerto Vallarta as well as Royal Los Tules.  This is not true.

8.  Would not, or could not produce Royal Holiday vacation club rules prior to signing contract. We are filing a disputed claim with Citicard Master Card when we receive the necessary paper work.



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