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Kabīs Story - Nassau Timeshare

While in Nassau I purchased a timeshare from Royal Holiday Club. They agreed to pay hotel expense in exchange for membership. RCH never paid hotel bill and there contract stated "buyer may cancel this agreement only if seller or the club are in the default in any of their obligations derived from this agreement". After reading this I contacted RHC and explain that the defaulted in the contract and I wish to cancel and receive my $3177.58 back for the downpayment.


I received a copy of a letter to The BBB from RHC stating "It has never been Royal Holiday's Sales Representatives to offer our approached customers to cover their accommodation expenses since this would be non-profitable and as well as mislead that would provoke harshness with a club member with shom we are looking forward to establishing a long-term club relationship". However I received a letter from RHC located in Nassau stating" As per the agreement between RHC and yourselves, your accommodations during your stay at the Nassau Marriott Hotel, August 4-11, 1999 would be covered by RHC as an incentive for your purchase of RHC Silver membership, and a credit slip to American Express in the amount of $1294.00.


After submitting this to RHC main office I asked for another cancelation and to credit my American Express account for $3177.58 for downpayment of the club. As of today I have not received a contract cancelation, nor the $1294.00 credit to American Express nor $3177.58 for the downpayment.


Is there anything I can do to receive my money back from RHC?


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