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Throw Harpy a Fish!

I've quickly heard from people that they're very grateful for the help, information and support that they feel  www.RoyalHolidayClubbed.com is giving them.

I love to hear that, and I'm very gratified.

Some have gone so far as to ask how they can help contribute!

Well, I appreciate that, but you don't really have to.

But since keeping this web site going keeps me out of the waters, if you'd really like to, you can throw me a fish.

Heck, throw me a bucket of fish, help me eat a shark, or a squid or even have a whale of a feast if you want! I'll make sure it's all put to very good use - by keeping the www.RoyalHolidayClubbed.com site up and running on the internet!

Like I said ... you don't have to. But I certainly do appreciate it if you do...

Small Fry  (RHC folks that gave you the flyer) $2.00 paypal
Bucket o´Fish (RHC folks at the presentation) $5.00 paypal
Small Shark (RHC guy who cornered you) $7.50 paypal
Big Shark (RHC Mr. Big who sold you the timeshare!) $15.00 paypal
Squid (RHC people who blocked your complaints) $25.00 paypal
Giant Squid (RHC customer service) $50.00 paypal
Whole whale of a feast! (RHC itself) $100.00 paypal

It's no small fry tackling a giant - but as is said in Sea-world, the more they squirm, the more the more they end up becoming caught in their own net! So lets keep RCH squirmin´ and not let them off the hook and maybe they themselves will get eaten by a bigger better fish one day !

Can't feed me but still want to help?

Then consider linking your web site to

RoyalHolidayClubbed! instead - here's how!

Thank You!!!


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