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My objective is to  reach OUT to anyone on the web who will listen. I want to reach a million families this year. That will be 5 million people on average. RCH have been informed and have already threatened me with FBI action - yes believe it - as if the FBI have nothing better to do, through their lawyers in Miami for starting this site - accusing it of extortion. Was I intimidated? No. Was I mad - yes. There are a million ways to resolve conflict and differences, good service and respect could be one of these ways - but RHC is not interested in its "members" - only in its cash flow and profits.

At the moment I have not paid my 2006 or 2007 dues and do not intend do. I have no interest in maintaining "thieves". Thieves of my time and thoughts as well as money.

My money was gone long ago. But I still want to tell people my story and I would be grateful if some of you would let me present your stories to a wider public. If you would like to help this outreach effort let me know.

The website is not even one year old but has already leapfrogged 2.000.000 places in Alexa's internet ranking - the next two million may be much harder, but with your help, hopefully not.

My web mascot is an endearing Harp seal called Harpy (original right?) who gets clubbed by RHC. At first he is helpless then, being feisty, he starts to fight back. Will he be able to club his clubbers? Only you can know for sure.

The web site is "sticky" - many people are spending over an hour on it. Through the use of humour along with serious information I hope to get people to remember what they have seen about RHC - then if someone tries to CLUB them - they will be wise to their tricks.

If you wish to help in the websites promotion you can donate through PayPal, credit card via Paypal (Throw Harpy a fish) or by buying a sponsors product from the site. ALL monies collected will be re-invested to push the site as far into the public eye as fast as possible. I WANT TO REACH A MILLION EYEBALLS THIS YEAR and YOU CAN HELP! (All statistics are made public).

If you would rather help in another way please review the site and suggest feedback or links that could be placed there or place a link to me on your site.

Thank you all for your time. Hope to speak to some of you all on and off this group site.


PS: I really want to get the million eyeball target this year and I won't be able to do it alone - so really, take a few minutes, look at the site and see how you can give it some support. Remember of all that is out there in cyberspace this is a corner of the Internet DEDICATED to getting the word out to the unwary and they will be targeted directly by all awareness campaigns.


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