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I imagine that you have been stung by a timeshare scam or fraud - though I hope you are one of the lucky people who have not had to deal with poor timeshare practices.  In any case right now we can unite to fight off the parasites of this world and to defend good and honest people everywhere.


So what does The Power Of Two mean?


Well, quite frankly, the ONLY way that I can reach my goal of advising this year at least 1.000.000 families (hopefully touching the lives of 5.000.000 people) is through your help and of you caring enough about stopping what is going on through these scams. About making life means something again and holding respect for your neighbor no matter from which part of this planet he or she comes from. The only way to do this is to get the word out to everyone you care about so that they do NOT get involved in helping perpetuate these poor and shameless business practices.


So I am asking you to take a few minutes and to click here and send an email to those people you love enough to warn away from these shysters.


Will it have effect?

I expect this month (the first the website has been around - and without any promotion) to have 500 visitors.

I would like to double this monthly so let's see! If each person who visits each month takes a few mores seconds to inform two other people who also visit and become FOREWARNED (remember forewarned is forearmed).....


New Advised Visitors

1st month: 500

2nd month: 1000

3rd month: 2000

4th month: 4000

5th month: 8000

6th month: 16000

7th month: 32000

8th month: 64000

9th month: 128000

10th month: 256000

11th month: 512000

12th month: 1024000 (One Million Two Hundred and Forty Thousand New People !!)


.... and all because a little harp seal decided it wasn't going to be CLUBBED !



The Power Of Two in Action.


Individually the timeshare scam artists have got us cornered if not beat - but working together we really can change the world for the better...

so let us not hesitate . . let us do it NOW ! All depends on your decision and ONLY your decision to make a change to make the world a better place for us all. It has been said that we are all only six steps away from each other, that meaning that if you are a friend, of a friend of a friend etc, on  the sixth step they will be connected to the president of the US, an Eskimo in Lapland, or even the big presidents of the timeshare industries !!!! So your voice can and does count.


Take a few minutes to help people educate themselves through getting informed by the real-life stories that are shown here.


Drop a mail to just two friends and help the word get out!


If you would like to help out with a donation, then you can always check out the "throw me a fish" page.


Thank you !




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