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Here is a resume of my true story:

1. Joined RHC around 1996 as a bronze "member"!
2. Immediately dissatisfied with service and false promises.
3. Decided to stop payments and met with Concord - their Collections Agency..
4. Usual harassment laced with " sweets" . . extra week, lower interest payments on the loan etc.
5. Decided to continue paying to avoid legal and credit problems....though still dissatisfied.
6. Around 2001 went to Acapulco..... upgraded from Bronze to Silver.
7. Why? (ok, I was dumb but lets see the next point as to why!)
8. We were offered a coupon redeemable for USD $15.000 so I thought ok, a timeshare for $3000 is ok.
9. Five years later we have paid over $18.000 & guess what?
10.Despite various calls, mail etc to Royal Holiday Club I still didn't received the coupon.

11. When I asked for a new coupon - given that they hadn't been able to help me and my coupon was out of date. A new coupon was sent  - but it required changes - they never replied to my mail and guess what ? The coupon is again out-of-date.

12. Tired with this run around and the poor service received from RHC I decided to start this web site.

Please take a few moments and read a few more pages. I am sure you will find something of interest.



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