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Cheap Luxury Timeshare

Cheap Luxury Timeshare
By John McMenemy

Fed up with those $50 a night motels when you take the family on vacation?

Of COURSE you are - and so you should be! YOUR family deserves better, and MORE.

Much, MUCH, more. And hopefully you will find out how to obtain that luxury holiday for you family for pennies on the dollar and surprise them with your find!

Right now, there is a glut of timeshare opportunities on the market - resorts which normally sell at $500 a night can be had for $50 - $60 dollars per night - by YOU. Just take a few more minutes and find out how you can EARN YOUR RIGHT to spend a week with your family in a five star resort - in the US, Mexico or Europe, all for $50 a night!

Now, if you take a look at this site you will find out that we are pretty much against the poor quality of customer service found at timeshare companies - but hey, poor service is better than no service at a dime-a-dollar motel in the sticks!

I guarantee you - right now - that you can have the best weekly holiday of your life EVERY year for less than $500 - $600 dollars/year in hotel bills - staying in a 5 star hotel with a view of the beach and the sea instead of a dump on the main highway out of town. 

Ok, so let's cut to the chase - how is this done?

Very simply, due to the glut of timeshares on the market right now, you can get yourself a red week cheap luxury vacation for just a few dollars. Check out this picture from e-bay: what do you see?

IŽll tell you - look closely now: ONE bidder on a GOLD CROWN RED WEEK!!!!!!


Yes - that is a $50 winning bid for a $20,000 week at a worldwide resort option!!!!!!
Ok, once you BUY you still have to pay the annual maintenance fees, usually around $600 per year for this type of property. But that is only $75 a night for a $500 a night international property - and there are better deals to be had!

You do the math !

For a small initial outlay, you can tale your family on a 5-star vacation for the rest of your life.

Aren't you glad you came to visit this site.

OK, what the next step?

....check out the adverts published here and see what other detailed information you can can find!!!!

Good hunting!!!!! Find the next step!

Find your Cheap Luxury Timeshare Vacation Right Now!

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