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Welcome to Royal Holiday Clubbed!

This website is dedicated to showing the other side of the Timeshare Industry. That "other side" will obviously depend on whether you are in the business or are a consumer of course. I am on the side of the consumer!

Although I am not against the Timeshare Industry, I am against many of its underhand practices and one of the objectives of this site is to expose through the true stories that are told here, what really goes on. Hopefully you will be able to avoid repeating our mistakes - and if anyone from the Timeshare Industry is reading - I hope you learn to improve your rotten sales practices!


PS: Read on to find out why Harpy was "adopted" as my website mascot and how he became the "hero" of this story! 

PPS: Great News: There is a new website dedicated to spreading the truth about RHC scam practices in Mexico: www.royal-holidaysucks.com

PPS: Another chronicle: RHC sucks

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